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Parties below 8% to 10% of the vote will get NO MEPs and their votes will be wasted.

The Lib Dems are the only Remain party polling well above 10%.

So voting is simple – just cross one box: Liberal Democrats.

Meet your South East England Regional Lib Dem Candidates

Read the Lib Dem manifesto for Europe, 'Bollocks to Brexit'.

Just look at the polls!

If you want your local community to thrive and be vibrant, if you are ambitious for the future of Havant vote for the Liberal Democrats on 2nd May.

We all want Havant Borough to thrive and be vibrant.

We have a golden opportunity to make this happen, Havant Liberal Democrats believe that this will only be possible if the community works together.

We are ambitious for our residents, ambitious for our communities and ambitious for the whole of Havant.

Now is not the time to leave it to the complacent Conservative majority on Havant Borough Council; they have had things their own way for far too long.

The Conservatives run Havant Borough on behalf of a lazy incompetent government who think we won't notice that they are cutting our services to the bone, undermining our communities, while ensuring the rich get richer.

Havant Liberal Democrats want to hold the Tories to account in our Borough.

The Labour Party cannot act on our behalf as they are too busy infighting. UKIP has imploded.

The Liberal Democrats will be fielding a full slate of candidates in May who want to work on your behalf to ensure that the whole Borough is fit for the 21st Century. Here is the complete list of Liberal Democrat candidates:

  • Bedhampton - Philippa Gray
  • Cowplain - Lisa Tyler Jackson
  • Emsworth - Jane Briggs
  • Hart Plain - Suzette Gray
  • Hayling East - Wilf Forrow
  • Hayling West -  Paul Gray
  • Purbrook - Antonia Harrison and Paul Tansom (2 seats)
  • St. Faith’s - Catherine Billam
  • Stakes - Alun Williams
  • Waterloo - John Pratley

Our area needs more local champions. By voting for the Liberal Democrats in the local elections on 2nd May you will be voting for a very different sort of local councillor – one who listens, keeps in touch, helps people out, and gets things done all year round.

Remember: if you want your local community to thrive and be vibrant, if you are ambitious for the future of Havant vote for the Liberal Democrats on 2nd May.

Dear Voter - there are three big, important reasons why you should vote for the Liberal Democrats in the local elections on May 3rd.

Firstly, with the Liberal Democrats you'll get good local representation: people who listen and work hard. Up and down the country when Liberal Democrats get elected they get things done.

Local government matters and the Liberal Democrats are good at it!

Secondly, we are seeing severe cuts in public expenditure across the country which are critically affecting schools, policing, social care and health. We had to deal with the financial crisis when we were in government. But these cuts are not necessary now; they are ideologically driven and excessive.

You can oppose these severe cuts, by supporting the Liberal Democrats in the local elections.

Thirdly there is the big issue of the day: Europe and Brexit. Unlike the Conservatives and the Labour Party we are opposing the trajectory of Brexit which we believe is deeply damaging for the country.

The Liberal Democrats want the public to have a vote, a choice on the outcome which other parties are denying them.

So, three very good reasons for supporting the Liberal Democrats at these local elections and three very good reasons to be optimistic.

The Liberal Democrats are very much on the way back and with your support on May 3rd we will be on the way back through local government.

Thank you.
Sir Vince Cable - Leader of the Liberal Democrats
[This is an edited extract from a speech given at the 2018 local elections launch on April 4th at Watford]

Want to find out more and pledge your vote to the Liberal Democrats?

5 reasons why we love our NHS

Tuesday 3 April 2018

We love our NHS, but we all know it’s heavily underfunded and desperately needs more money.

We sometimes forget that we have such a great health care system in place, so here are 5 reasons we love our NHS.

1. Saving lives - the NHS provides some of the best emergency care in the world.

2. Value for money - despite the fact that the UK spends relatively little on the NHS, the healthcare service has proven to be both effective and efficient.

3. Universal care, free at the point of use - the NHS was founded on the principle of universal healthcare, free at the point of use. The Liberal Democrats helped to establish the UK’s welfare system, with universal healthcare as a lynchpin. 70 years on, the NHS continues to adhere to the principle of comprehensive health care based on clinical need rather than the ability to pay.

4. Largest employer - as well as saving lives, the NHS provides many of us with a career and livelihood. The healthcare provider is the largest employer in the UK and the fifth largest worldwide.

5. Specialist care - the NHS provides some of the highest quality healthcare in the world with experts specialising in a variety of fields.

Back our plan to save our NHS with the penny on income tax

Are you ambitious for Havant? Join us to make your ambition a reality!

Havant Borough Liberal Democrats has significantly increased its membership over the last couple of years.

If you would like to join us in the fight for a stronger community in Havant, with opportunities for everyone, then visit today!

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