Candidates meet students at South Downs College

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Giles Goodall, one of the Liberal Democrat candidates for Europe, visited South Downs College on Tuesday, with Havant members, where they had been invited by the college to have a display in the Reception Area for students to see what the Lib Dem MEPs have been doing, and with more general information booklets about the EU.

With Cllr. Faith Ponsonby, candidate for re-election in the Battins ward, and Ken Cosslett, Chair of the Local Party, they spoke to students informally around the college over lunchtime. Students were interested in the elections, though many of them were too young to vote this year. Giles and Faith were able to tell them that it has been Lib Dem policy for many years that the age at which people are eligible to vote in elections should be lowered to 16.

Giles said: "It's great that the students are so enthusiastic about Europe. The top three issues they raised were jobs, the right to work and study in the EU, and stopping Ukip. I hope all those who have a vote will use it at this week's elections." You can find out more about Giles on his website: