5 reasons why we love our NHS

Tuesday 3 April 2018

We love our NHS, but we all know it’s heavily underfunded and desperately needs more money.

We sometimes forget that we have such a great health care system in place, so here are 5 reasons we love our NHS.

1. Saving lives - the NHS provides some of the best emergency care in the world.

2. Value for money - despite the fact that the UK spends relatively little on the NHS, the healthcare service has proven to be both effective and efficient.

3. Universal care, free at the point of use - the NHS was founded on the principle of universal healthcare, free at the point of use. The Liberal Democrats helped to establish the UK’s welfare system, with universal healthcare as a lynchpin. 70 years on, the NHS continues to adhere to the principle of comprehensive health care based on clinical need rather than the ability to pay.

4. Largest employer - as well as saving lives, the NHS provides many of us with a career and livelihood. The healthcare provider is the largest employer in the UK and the fifth largest worldwide.

5. Specialist care - the NHS provides some of the highest quality healthcare in the world with experts specialising in a variety of fields.

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