A message from Sir Vince Cable, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Tuesday 10 April 2018

Dear Voter - there are three big, important reasons why you should vote for the Liberal Democrats in the local elections on May 3rd.

Firstly, with the Liberal Democrats you'll get good local representation: people who listen and work hard. Up and down the country when Liberal Democrats get elected they get things done.

Local government matters and the Liberal Democrats are good at it!

Secondly, we are seeing severe cuts in public expenditure across the country which are critically affecting schools, policing, social care and health. We had to deal with the financial crisis when we were in government. But these cuts are not necessary now; they are ideologically driven and excessive.

You can oppose these severe cuts, by supporting the Liberal Democrats in the local elections.

Thirdly there is the big issue of the day: Europe and Brexit. Unlike the Conservatives and the Labour Party we are opposing the trajectory of Brexit which we believe is deeply damaging for the country.

The Liberal Democrats want the public to have a vote, a choice on the outcome which other parties are denying them.

So, three very good reasons for supporting the Liberal Democrats at these local elections and three very good reasons to be optimistic.

The Liberal Democrats are very much on the way back and with your support on May 3rd we will be on the way back through local government.

Thank you.
Sir Vince Cable - Leader of the Liberal Democrats
[This is an edited extract from a speech given at the 2018 local elections launch on April 4th at Watford]

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