Exciting Times Ahead for Havant

Monday 23 April 2018

A Campaign Message from the Chair of Havant Borough Liberal Democrats

These are exciting times and the Liberal Democrats are ambitious for Havant's future.

We are broadly supportive of the Havant 2036 Local Plan and vision as currently set out. Based on the information presented at recent exhibitions around the Borough, the local officers have done an excellent job.

However, there is much to resolve in the detail, especially for local rural areas of the Borough, to ensure that the views of residents are fully taken on board and the plans are implemented in a caring, sensitive, sustainable, sensible way and corners are not cut for the short term profit of house building companies.

The Liberal Democrats will listen to you and represent your views

We cannot allow the complacent Conservative Party to take it for granted that they will be the sole political party leading the implementation of the Havant 2036 Local Plan.

A strong Liberal Democrat presence is required on Havant Borough Council to provide an alternative voice and approach.

This is especially important when you consider the ineffective and ideologically flawed approach the Conservative Party has taken across local government at all levels in recent times to the delivery of public services.

Get the basics right

We believe that the current failings in the delivery of basic public services across Havant Borough must be addressed before we move on to tackling the big, ambitious projects.

Have you experienced any of these failings?

Before you vote at the local elections on May 3rd consider this question: who is ultimately responsible when you, a friend or a member of your family, experience one of the following?

We expect you have identified your own examples. Please feel free to contact us to let us know so we can help resolve them.

Ultimate Responsibility

Ultimately, it can be argued that all of these failings have been created by the ideological approach to public service delivery by the Conservative Party.

Vote Liberal Democrat

At the local elections on May 3rd you have the opportunity to send a strong message to the Conservative Party and vote for an alternative path to the future.

We are ambitious for Havant but we also believe in getting the basics right too. Until that is done the Borough will never be able to move on and properly focus its attention on important 'big ticket' items such as housing, supporting infrastructure and protecting our rich heritage and the local environment.

That's why you should vote Liberal Democrat on May 3rd. We are Ambitious For Havant and we look forward to your support.

Join Us

Are you ambitious for Havant? Join us to make your ambition a reality!

Havant Borough Liberal Democrats has significantly increased its membership over the last couple of years.

If you would like to join us in the fight for a stronger community in Havant, with opportunities for everyone, then visit libdems.org.uk/join today!

Keith Gulliver
Chair, Havant Borough Liberal Democrats