There is currently one Liberal Democrat Councillor in Havant:

Faith Ponsonby

78 Havant Road, Emsworth, PO10 7LH - 01243 372825

Faith PonsonbyI was first elected in a by-election in November 2006 as councillor for Battins Ward and local residents showed their confidence in what I had been doing, by returning me in May 2008 for a full 4-year term, with over 46% of the vote. Unfortunately in May 2012, they voted more on national issues, and I was defeated by only 60 votes by a Labour councillor, who told me he did not want to win. Later that year, our young councillor, Katie Ray, moved to Reading for her first job after graduating as a teacher, and at the by-election in November, residents again strongly supported me with 51% of the vote, in a 4-way contest. In 2014, I was again up for re-election, and I was returned for a full 4-year term again with a slightly increased majority in a 3-way contest.

I am passionate about the green spaces in the ward and Borough, and have been working with our local environment team, and tree wardens, to see how they can be made better for local people to use. I would love to see more opportunities for young people in the area, and welcome the new initiatives by Big Impact in Leigh Park.

I'm a member of the Licensing Committee and have also been co-opted as a member of the Scrutiny Committee, and attend other meetings such as the Transport Group and the Leigh Park Traders' Association. I also help with local events, such as the Grotto in Greywell, and the Carnival on Stockheath Common.

I have been active in politics for over 50 years, joining the Liberal Party when I was at university. Now retired from teaching, I have been able to take up a much fuller role, regionally and nationally. I was Vice-Chairman of our Region, and remain on the Regional Executive Committee, and help in approving people who wish to become parliamentary candidates for the Liberal Democrats. I regularly attend and speak at National and Regional conferences. Combining my Christian beliefs with my political views, I am an active member (and former Secretary) of the Liberal Democrat Christian Forum, as well as a member of the Green Lib Dems.

My husband, Michael, formerly an economist with IBM, is a huge support to me in this busy life, and we celebrated our Ruby Wedding in 2009. We have a daughter in Nottingham and 3 sons, one living in Japan, the other 2 both happily married, in Leicestershire and London; our second son now has 4 children of his own, 2 boys and 2 girls, and our 3rd son in London has a little girl! I am also a member of Havant Rotary Club, so you may sometimes see me shaking a bucket outside Tesco or Waitrose!

Feel free to contact me by phone or email ( if I can help.